Spotlight On: Author Allen Say


Allen Say is an author who many people are not too familiar with, but should be.  He has written and illustrated many picture books, primarily geared toward elementary-age children.  Many of his books can also be used to teach upper elementary and middle schoolers important life-lessons and historical diversity.  His artistic style is so unique with its rich and vivid tones that his books are easily recognizable.  Say’s subject matter is usually semi-autobiographical.  He was born in Japan in 1937.  His father was a Korean orphan raised by a British family and his mother was Japanese, born in California.  Say’s books often feature Japanese characters in cross-cultural situations and experiences.

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Some of Allen Say’s work:

  • Tree of Cranes (Review to Come)
  • Allison
  • Emma’s Rug
  • Grandfather’s Journey-1994 Caldecott Medal Winner (Review to Come)
  • Home of the Brave
  • Stranger in the Mirror
  • Tea with Milk
  • The Boy of the Three Year Nap (Illustrator)- 1989 Caldecott Honor

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