Pretend Play: Creating a Post Office

I love the idea of creating a life-like mailroom for my kids.  A Mailroom or Post Office is unique in that it combines pretend play with learning to read and write.  I haven’t made a mail room in our house yet, so I thought that I would create a wish list of what I would like to use in the future in our house and/or classroom.

First, I thought that I would share some of what I look for in setting up a make-believe environment:

  • I have to be cheap.  I, personally, need to be able to cheaply purchase or create the environment.  That being said, this is a wish list so I may feature items out of my price range to ask for Christmas or to replicate in my own way.
  • My space is a bit limited.  Therefore, I would like the environment to be somewhat portable.  I would like the option of packing it up and storing it away or taking it to the classroom.
  • Also, I have a very high tolerance for messes, however, I would like the environment to be easy to tidy up, if needed.
  • I have included some more of my ideas and a bit of research on an earlier post here

postal uniform2

Here we go….I would love for my children to look the part.  I found two uniforms here and here that, at the time of posting, were about $25.

However, this costume does not seem too hard to replicate.  You would need a blue t-shirt with a name-tag, a bag, and a hat.  I also found some cost effective packs of hats that you can get that include a bunch of different careers.  If I went this route, I could have an accurate component to several different make-believe environments and than I could create the rest (maybe).

Next, the equipment….

Here is a nice looking mailbag:

postal mailbag

I would like a mailbox, of course.  It would be nice if you could put mail in one part and take it out of the other side for delivery.

Here are a few that you can buy:

postal mailbox

(This one comes with the mailbox, postcards and stamps.  The box is a bit small, but I would work.)

postal mailbox2

Here are a few that you can make:

Small Additions to the Post Office:

  • envelopes and paper
  • writing utensils
  • some type of stamp, can use stickers
  • a counter, where someone can walk up and order stamps and mail letters and packages
  • small mailboxes to deliver the letters to, can use cereal boxes
  • small boxes for packages, with or without tape to close it themselves

postal gail gibbons


  • Create your own stamps
  • Matching game with stamps
  • Here is a Kindergarten Mail Carrier Unit, complete with printables!
  • Book Connections
    • “The Post Office Book” By Gail Gibbons
    • “The Jolly Postman” By  by Janet Ahlberg
    • “Dear Mr. Blueberry” By: Simon James

postal jolly

Looking over all of this has motivated me to set-up a post office in our house.  Over the next few weeks, I am going to collect and look for more materials.  I will keep you updated!

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