My Goals and Guidelines for My Class

SONY DSCI planned out the activities that I am doing this month and wanted to share them with you.  But first, I thought that I would share some of the goals and guidelines that I had in mind when planning.  My classes are unique in that they are caregiver and tot, ages 18 months to five years old, and they focus on literacy.

My Goals:

  • To be able to provide different resources to the caregiver that they may use at home, such as literacy activities, crafts, book ideas, etc.
  • I also wanted to do a class that could be an alternative to a child that may not be ready for preschool or whose parents might not want their child to go to preschool yet, if at all.
  • I planned some activities at a level where a parent needs to guide or assist a child.  I thought doing things this way would be the most beneficial to the child and caregiver.  The caregiver would pick up tips on how to administer literacy activities and the child would be exposed to a higher level of vocabulary and learning.
  • I want to do some activities several times so that the kids get familiar with the activity and lesson and become more independent.  For example, I found small pocket charts at the dollar store.  I am going to have kids sort words that begin with the letter “s” the first week.  A different week, I am going to use all of the same materials and sort the objects with a different beginning letter sound.
  • I want to do activities that can be easily replicated at home without having to buy too many materials (and the cheaper, the better), therefore, I want to reuse materials whenever possible.  I have a ton of activities using toilet paper and paper towel rolls, dollar store finds, etc.
  • Most of the activities that are planned are literacy-based, however, some themes lend themselves well to science and math, so there are a few of those included as well.
  • The timing is tricky.  The class is one and a half hours long.  We need to fit two circle times (beginning and end), free play, snack, and a craft into this time.  Therefore, we are going to have about twenty minutes to do centers.  Depending on the class size that may only come out to three learning centers and a sensory center!

So, these are the guidelines for which I am planning for my class. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “My Goals and Guidelines for My Class

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