Preschool Theme: Winter Part Two

I have three classes to plan for in the month of January.  We meet once a week for an hour and a half and it is a tot and caregiver class (check out my guidelines here).

Snowmen is the theme for the first week.  We are going to “read” The Snowman by Raymond Briggs.  I say “read” because it is actually a wordless picture book.  I am also going to have a wide selection of  snowmen books available for caregivers to browse throughout class.  I have listed a few in my Preschool Class Winter Theme, part one here.  Here are the centers that I am planning, please excuse the spacing issues!



Materials Needed

Sensory-Snow Play dough Kids can play with the “snow” and practice their fine motor skills, use their imagination, and try new tools in a safe way. There are a ton of different recipes out there, this is the one I used from The Marathon Mom. (Play dough Recipe is found here)1 cup salt2 cups flour2 Tablespoonscream of tartar2 cups water

2 Tablespoons vegetable oil

one small container sparkly white glitter

Sensory- Winter Themed Tub Kids can play and learn about different animals that live in cold climates.  They can use their imaginations to play with the animals or objects in the “snow” Tub (I bought mine at the dollar store)White Rice for the snow-or you can use shipping peanutsWinter Themed animals and or objects (again, dollar store)
Craft- Making a Snowman There are a TON of different snowmen making posts and pictures on the internet.  Here is one from Enchanted Learning that has ideas for patterns for hats and gloves. 2 or 3 white paper plates (for each child), depending on how big you want to make yoursConstruction paperAn orange pipe cleaner (for the nose)A short length of yearn or ribbon or bracketsHole punchMarker or crayonsScissors


Optional: googly eyes, large buttons, stickers other decorative objects or shapes cut out of construction paper

“S” Pocket Chart One pocket chart will have words that start with the “s” sound and the other will be world that do not start with the “s” sound Two pocket charts-dollar store has some, but they are pretty smallPictures of different objects, animals, laminated, if available, some that start with “s” and some that do not start with “s.”  This is an activity that I plan of doing several times, with different letters
Shaving Cream Writing Shaving cream is so great to use with kids!  It cleans and it looks like snow!  For this activity, kids can write different letters with their fingers in shaving cream Disposable lasagne tray or tub, I had one sitting around the house and of course shaving cream-dollar store, again.
Letter Discovery Bottle Kids need to find the different objects in the bottle that start with the letter “s,” that are pictured on a card that you provide.I love this idea!  I found a version on Second Story Window (There are a ton of great activities on this site) here, but I am going to do different bottles for the letter of the week or something that goes with the theme. Water bottle or the likeHot glueWhite RiceSmall objects that start with “s” that you have laying around.  Here are some examples:-Snake-Spider








I am so excited to try these out on Monday!  I will update you will pictures and feedback on how everything goes! Enjoy!


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