Preschool Theme: Winter Clothing

My class this week focused  on the clothing that we need to wear in the winter in order to stay warm in cold temperatures.  If you would like to see my guidelines for planning my class check out my link here.  Enjoy!

Greeting/Beginning Carpet Time:

one mitten

  • Book: One Mitten By Kristine O’ Connell George
    • The book is a simple tale of a little girl who has one of her mittens and needs to find the other one.
    • She shows the readers different activities that you can do with one mitten and then what you can do with two.
    • “One mitten can wave a mitten hello.”
    • The book was very cute and the kids could make little mittens out of their hands and act it out.
  • Poem: 5 Little Snowman
    • I have five snowmen that I cut out and laminated.  I am going to have five students stand up and be the snowmen in the poem.  We start the poem with five snowmen, then four, then three, etc.  Here is the poem…

Five Little Snowmen

standing in a row.

Each had a hat

and a big red bow.

Out came the sun

and it shone all day.

One little snowman melted away.


  • Listening Center
    • I have Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing By Judi Barrett available for the kids to listen to.


  • Hidden Snowball Behind a Mitten
    • I cut out different colored mittens and a snowball out of felt.  The caregiver hides the “snowball” behind a mitten and the child guesses which color mitten it is under.
    • Here is an example.
    • This was really fun!  Kids were taking turns with their mom hiding the “snowball” under the mittens.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of it 😦


  • Matching Mittens (Upper to Lower Case Letters)
    • I found this activity on (if you haven’t tried this website, I highly recommend it!)  Here is the link.  I printed the first three pages, cut them out, and laminated them.  I hung up a string and the kids paired the upper and lower case letters together with clothespins.


  •  Writing Letters with paint and a Q-tip
    • I printed out the letters A-H really big on paper and put out paints so kids can trace the letters.



  • Puzzles.  I printed the first puzzle from this link.
    • I laminated it, cut it out, and attached magnets to the back of the pieces.  I love how they need to put the letters in ABC order in order to complete the puzzle.  I printed out the snail since we are really focusing on the beginning of the alphabet.  Again, I didn’t get a picture.


  • Songs and Poems
    • I have a list of the poems that I am using here.  I also have some traditional preschool and winter songs written out and a microphone that kids can sing into.  I bought the microphone at the dollar store.


  • Books
    • I had the following books available for kids and parents to read:
      • The Mitten By Jan Brett
      • The Missing Mitten Mystery By Steven Kellogg
      • Noah’s Mittens By Lise Lunge-Larsen
      • Three Little Kittens By Paul Galdone
      • Winter Friend By Mary Quattlebaum
      • The Mitten Retold By Jim Aylesworth
      • A Mountain of Mittens By Lynn Plourde


  • Stamping Letters
    • A few years ago I purchased a set of letter stamps.  For class, I created a table with the letters A-H on it.  The kids stamped the correct letters in the correct spaces.  I bought the ink pads at the dollar store.


  • Play Dough
    • I have the snow play-dough that I used last week available for the kids to play with and to create letters.  I wrote A, B, and C on paper and laminated it.  The kids can create the letters using the play dough.


Craft:  Mittens Hanging From a String

  • I used the die-cut machine at our library and cut out about forty mittens in different colors.  I also needed foam letter stickers and string.  
  • Each child is going to find the letters of their names and stick them onto mittens and hang them from the string.  It looks so cute when they are finished!


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