“Harold and the Purple Crayon” By Crockett Johnson


I have to admit that I read this book for the first time only a few weeks ago! I see it everywhere and finally grabbed it from the library.  After reading it, I can understand why it is still so popular (it was written in 1955!).  Harold and the Purple Crayon’s author Crockett Johnson is the illustrator of another classic, “The Carrot Seed,” which is written by his wife, Ruth Krauss.  If you are familiar with “The Carrot Seed”, than you know the style and feeling of “Harold and The Purple Crayon.”

If you are like me, and haven’t read the book before, it is about a boy named Harold and his purple crayon-as you can tell from the title.  Harold decides to go for a walk in the moonlight.

The scenery throughout the entire book is created by Harold’s purple crayon.  He wants a moon, he draws a moon, he wants a path, he draws a path, and so on.  Although the text and setting is very simple, the book is very powerful.  It shows kids the power of their imagination.  It encourages kids to draw and write their own worlds.

So, if you are looking for a fun, creative read, I recommend picking up “Harold and the Purple Crayon!”

Other Books by Crockett Johnson

  • Harold’s Fairy Tale (1956)
  • Harold’s Trip to the Sky (1957)
  • Harold at the North Pole (1958)
  • Harold’s Circus (1959)
  • We Wonder What Will Walter Be? When He Grow Up (1964)
  • Harold’s ABC (1963)

If you are interested, here is a reading of the book:

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