10 Foods That Looks Like Other Things

Next week, I am doing a food theme for my class. I love having fun with food!  On my Pinterest board, I have a “Food That Looks Like Other Things” board.  This board inspired me to have a fun snack for the party.  It also inspired me to provide my parents with a resource with other ideas that they can recreate at home.  Here is the list that I have complied…


food theme breakfast

An Ice Cream Cone, By Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons HERE

A Hello Kitty Bagel, By Creative Kid Snacks HERE


food bunny sandwich

A Bunny Sandwich, By Cookie Cutter Lunch HERE.

food owl sandwich

Owl Sandwich, By Cutest Food HERE

food swimming fish

Swimming Fish, By Meet The Dubiens HERE


food giraffe

Giraffe Chili, By Little Nummies HERE

food bird in nest

Birds in a Nest, By Crafty Moods HERE


food butterflies

Butterflies, By Almost Unschoolers HERE

food flowers

Flowers, Parents Magazine HERE

food caterpillar

Caterpillar, By Little Page Turners HERE

I can’t wait to try these out!  They look so fun and delicious! Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “10 Foods That Looks Like Other Things

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