My Book About Food- FREE PRINTABLE


Tomorrow we are embarking on one of my favorite subjects-FOOD!  I created a book on Microsoft PowerPoint for each child to fill out and color. The book is eight pages long and requires the child to finish a sentence on each page.  Here is an example:


I divided each slide into two of the same text boxes and duplicated each slide.  Therefore, if you print out what I have included, you should get four complete books.  You should be able to print it, cut each paper in half, and staple each book together.  You could make it cuter by attaching the pages to construction paper, but we can’t due to time restrictions.  You could also punch holes and tie string to hold the book together.   If you need more copies, you can print it and copy more.  I have never uploaded a document on here, so I hope that I did it correctly!  My daughter made an example.  It turned out really cute and she had fun doing it.  I mean who doesn’t love to talk about food!?!? Enjoy!

Click Here for “My Food Book”


8 thoughts on “My Book About Food- FREE PRINTABLE

    • Thank you so much! I plan on using the template to make more books. I made a book before with my daughter and she would take it with her at night and read them to herself before going to sleep. She loved them!

      • My daughter made a little book like this when she was 6 for her 2 year old brother, of things he liked. It was ultra cute! 😉 How sweet that your daughter reads them at bedtime!
        Say, how do you get powerpoint? I’ve never used it. Do you have to purchase it or is it on a website? (Oops! I’m showing how little I know about the computer world!) 😛

      • Ours was just on our computer, I think. I know that you can buy it with the other “office tools,” such as Word. I remember for our last computer, I had to buy it at Staples or something. It was awhile ago, but they had a “Student and Teacher” version that was a lot cheaper.

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