Mom and Tot/Preschool Theme: Food

Ok, so I am soo behind with my blogging!  I am just getting to posting from our class last week!  Well, we learned all about foods! We focused on healthy versus unhealthy and all different varieties of food.

For me, it had been quite a Monday morning.  My daughter was up extra early-somewhere in the 5 o’clock hour- and that totally through me off.  Therefore, sorry, but I didn’t do the greatest job of taking pictures of all of our activities and set-up.  I had my passport as usual, but this time, I included ten websites that have different pictures of ways to have fun with food.  See my link here.

I created a PDF file of our passport this week.  Click here for my Food Passport!

After singing some songs and playing a gross-motor game, I introduced the group to some Saxton Freymann books.  In case you are not familiar with these books, they are really fun!  Freymann creates different objects and phrases with different foods, mostly fruits.  I had a bunch of the books available to read, but we read “Dog Food” together.  The kids really enjoyed looking at all of the pictures.

food book

After reading our story, we made our own books about food.  It was really fun!  I have the template here.

Kids drew pictures of their favorite foods and their parents filled in the words.  When they were finished, they each had their own book that they helped write to read at home!

Kids drew pictures of their favorite foods and their parents filled in the words. When they were finished, they each had their own book that they helped write to read at home!

Next, we did our centers.  I had less centers today then I normally do because we took so much time creating our books.  Like with the post office theme, I created a puzzle with different foods.  This one was a bit trickier than the Post Office one.  I took different pretend foods, such as a pretzel, Swiss Cheese, an orange, banana, pizza, and more and traced them.  I had all of the foods available for the kids to find where they belong on the page.


I also had different cups with different smelly foods in them. I numbered the cups and put paper with holes on top of the cups.  Each person had to smell the cups and guess which foods they thought were in the cups.  This was really hard!  I think that if I were to do this again, I would have a list of the different options for the kids and parents to choose from.  I wanted to use foods that I had on hand, so I used lemons, limes, green peppers, mint, cinnamon, and garlic.  I didn’t expect the kids to guess correctly.  I just wanted them to have a new experience using their sense of smell.


Someone is cheating…

I also found these books at our library that had different colors and foods that are that color.  I had a bunch of those available and each color listed on a popsicle stick.  The child was supposed to pull a stick, say that color and then come up with different foods that are that color.  They had the books there to help them think of different ideas.


I also had a center where I cut out a ton of different foods from magazines (I kind of have an addiction to cooking magazines so I had plenty to choose from).  I glued them onto construction paper.  I also labeled two pieces of paper (green and red).  I labeled the red (stop) unhealthy and the green (go) healthy.  The kids had to sort which foods were healthy and which were unhealthy.


The last center that I had was a repeat from last week, but with different sight words.


For our craft, I wanted to do something where the kids could have creative freedom.  We painted with vegetables!  It was really fun.  I cut out different shapes (heart, rectangle, triangle, and diamond) out of red potatoes.  I also cut the bottom off of a celery and had celery stalks to use as paintbrushes.


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