Six Preschool Rainbow-Themed Books

Although it doesn’t look like it around here, it is apparently spring!  Last week, we did a rainbow theme in order to celebrate the upcoming season (see post here).  Here are some of the books that we used…

rainbow jacob

Colors of the Rainbow by Jacob’s Grandma- This teeny-tiny book is part of a 10-book series, Jacob’s Magic Discovery Box.  Apparently each of the ten books (this is the only one that I read) teaches the character Jacob something about the world.  This one is about the colors of the rainbow.

rainbow raindrops

Let’s Count the Raindrops by Fumi Kosaka- This is a beautiful book of different poems that revolve around nature and colors.  The illustrations on each page add to its charm.

rainbow what makes

What Makes a Rainbow? by Betty Ann Schwartz- This is a “magic ribbon” book.  I have never seen or heard of one before, but it is really cool and worth checking out if you are looking for a rainbow book that is a little different.  Every time you turn the page, a new ribbon of color is introduced.  As the story continues there are more ribbons until the end of the book where you end up with a rainbow!

rainbow planting

Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert- This book is a classic.  Not only does this book teach the colors, but it also teaches the different parts and stages of plants. Planting a Rainbow is a great way to include science in your story time.

rainbow of my own

A Rainbow of My Own by Don Freeman- Who wouldn’t want a rainbow of their very own to play with?  This book is a great way to show kids where their imagination can take them.

rainbow duckie

Duckie’s Rainbow by Frances Barry- This book is like the What Makes a Rainbow book in that you create an actual rainbow by the end of the book.  On his way home, Duckie walks through areas of different color.  As you turn the pages, the older pages frame the next page, until you have a beautiful rainbow at the end.

These are just of few, of many great books, that incorporate a rainbow theme available. I’m always on the look out for great books. Please leave a comment and share your favorite rainbow themed children’s book and enjoy the spring!

Miss Jenny

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6 thoughts on “Six Preschool Rainbow-Themed Books

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  2. My girl may go crazy with the Duckie’s Rainbow book. She loves ducks and she loves rainbows! All of these look really interesting, and definitely piqued my interest since I love rainbows! Thanks for your recommendations.

  3. Great suggestions! Have read “What makes a rainbow”, and you’re right, it’s different from the usual books. Got to check out the other books 🙂 May I suggest “I am a rainbow”by Dolly Parton?

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