Airport Scavenger Hunt

My daughter reading the safety instructions on one of her first flights.

Safety first!

After reading through our airplane and airport books (see post here), I created a scavenger hunt based on what we learned.

My goals were to use some of the new vocabulary mentioned in the books, introduce some new vocabulary, and of course keep the kids entertained.  I am planning on laminating the page and using dry erase markers that I am taking anyways for an activity that I have for the plane ride.  However, I need to make sure that I can toss it somewhere quick, if needed.  I may end up just printing two copies (for there and back) and using a pencil.  I tried to keep the hunt basic enough that anyone could use it.  Enjoy!

~ Miss Jenny

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Click Here for Our Airport Scavenger Hunt!

5 thoughts on “Airport Scavenger Hunt

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  2. Thanks for sharing the books – I will be reading them with my toddler to prepare for his first Trans- Atlantic trip in the summer. He is very resistant to potty training but hopefully by then he will be.

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