Book Recommendation: “Bark,George” By Jules Feiffer

I always get so excited on Sundays for my Monday mom and tot class!  I am extra excited this week because tomorrow I am reading one of my favorite picture books, Bark, George by Jules Fieffer.

bark george

This book is fun for toddlers, however, I used to read it to my fourth and fifth graders as well.  Bark, George is a very simple book with few words.  It features two dogs, a mom and her pup, George.  George’s Mother wants to hear him bark.  However, George is unable to, so she takes him to the veterinarian for help.  You will have to read the book to find out what is causing George to make all different animals sounds, except a bark.

Although this is a simply written and illustrated tale, some complex reading strategies are needed to fully understand what is going on.  Readers need to infer what happened to George to cause the problem and what happens to him at the end.  I also used to ask my upper elementary students to infer how George’s Mother is feeling by studying her body language.  It is pretty obvious throughout the book.

I highly, highly recommend Bark, George by Jules Fieffer for a hilarious read and for an easy introduction to the strategy of inferring! Enjoy!

~Miss Jenny

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