Eight Books to introduce Art to Preschoolers

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Last week we had a really fun class involving art!  I love introducing new concepts and themes to kids!  I think that it challenges them in a different way and encourages other interests.  I needed books on the topic, so here is a list of a couple that I picked up with a brief description.  I was pleasantly surprised how many books there were about art that were geared toward preschoolers!!!

I Spy Colors in Art– Lucy Micklethwait- This is a really fun book that displays different famous works of art.  On each page, your child is asked if they can find different objects or colors in the art piece.

A is for Art – Stephen T. Johnson- The language of this book is probably geared toward older kids, but preschoolers can enjoy the abstract art on each page which is probably different then what they consider “art.”  Each page has a piece of art that is described using words that begin with the given letter.

Museum Shapes– The Metropolitan Museum of Art- This is a really neat book which is part of a series.  This books is obviously about shapes, but there is a number one and an ABC version.  Each page has different pieces of art that include different shapes.  Your child will notice the different shapes on each page.  They are usually pretty obvious, however, it introduces a new way for preschoolers to look at art.

Art for Baby-Templar Books- This book is geared toward infants because it contains high contrast works which are primarily black and white. It is a board book.

Speaking of Art – Edited by Bob Raczka- This gem has famous paintings on each page and a quote for the artist.  For example, there is a self-painting by Frida Kahlo and the page reads “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know the best.”

Art Is…-Bob Raczka- Another gem, this one tells your child what art “is” and an example of each feature.  For example, one page reads “Art is a face made with apples and grapes” and features a page with a painting of just that.

Round Trip– Ann Jonas- I used this book with my fourth and fifth graders, but I think that it would be fun to use with little ones, for something new.  Each page features a black and white picture that looks one way, but if you flip it upside down, it looks completely different!

In The Garden with Van Gogh– Julie Merberg and Suzanne Bober- Another board book, this one shows the work of one artist and a fictional sentence to go along with it.  For example, the page with “Sunflowers” reads “Twelve sunflowers lean toward the light.  Five are wide open seven shut tight.”  This is part of a series where each book features a different artist.

Enjoy! Miss Jenny

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