Preschool Books on Community Helpers

Last week, we learned all about the people in our community and the services they provide.  Here is a list of the books that I had available for the kids and parents….


What Does A Teacher Do?  By Felicia Lowenstein

-This book is part of a community helpers series.  The other books include What Does A Construction Worker Do?, What Does A Dentist Do? and What Does A Nurse Do?.


Bank Tellers By Cynthia Klingel and Robert B. Noyed

– This book is also part of a community helpers series by Compass Point Books.  Other books in the series are about chefs, farmers, fire fighters, and librarians.


Guide Dogs By Judith Janda Presnall

-This books is part of an “Animals With Jobs” series.  Other titles include Animal Actors, Horse Therapists, and Police Dogs.


In My Town By Mari C. Schuh

– This book is part of a “In My..” series.  More books in the series include In My Home, In My Town, In My State, and In My World.

Who Am I?  By Wiley Blevins

– This is another Compass Point book that included many community helpers.  It is non-fiction and has many activities for kids to do.

Police Officers By Jacqueline Laks Gorman

– This is yet another book from a series about “People in My Community.”  Other subjects include bus drivers, firefighters, mail carriers, and teachers.


When I Grow Up By Dennis Haley and Marci Brown

-This is a really cool idea for a book series.  On one side of the page, there is a section for parents to read and on the other side is a section for beginning readers.  Of course, preschoolers wouldn’t be able to read their page yet, but the text is bigger and it would be a great introduction to reading.  Each page features a different career.  Other subjects include the seasons and pets.

Hooray for Our Heroes! (A Sesame Street Book) By Sarah Albee


Officer Buckle and Gloria By Peggy Rathmann

-One of my favorite books!  I recommend trying it out.  It is an easy way for kids to use their inferring skills.

All Around Town By Judy Press

– This is a book that features different crafts based on towns and neighborhoods.  I had this available for parents to look through to inspire crafts at home.  The book is organized by different areas in a town, such as a train station and post office, and includes different crafts based on each place.

Meet My Grandmother: She’s a Supreme Court Justice By Lisa Tucker Mcelroy

Stay tuned for more on what we did in an upcoming post!

Happy Reading!

~Miss Jenny

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