Learning About the Life Cycle of Frogs


This week, we learned about amphibians and the life cycle of frogs.  We started out by looking through many books about frogs and their life cycle.  The kids loved looking at the pictures and pointing out the animals they recognized.  Many of the students had background knowledge on the life cycle and were able to identify pictures of frog eggs and tadpoles.



After looking through the books and discussing some of the pictures and vocabulary, we sat down to watch the first five minutes of Bill Nye the Science Guy on Amphibians.  This is such a great movie!  Included in the beginning of the movie are the vocabulary words “amphibian” and “metamorphosis”, and a video of the life cycle of the frog.  It was perfect.  We learned about how frogs start out life like fish, living entirely underwater, breathing with gills.  After that, we learned how they start to grow arms and legs, shrink their tails, and start using their lungs.  This means that they are able to now live on land.



After discussing the video, we started our craft.  I wanted to do something that the children could reference when talking about the life cycle at home.  I found this 3-D model of the life cycle here.  I colored a model of the life cycle and passed out one stage at a time.  The children colored each stage and pointed out photographs of each stage from the books on the table.


I copied and printed out four lily pads, per child, in green. They glued the correct stage on the correct lily pad.  The first stage was the frog eggs, then the tadpoles, next the tadpoles with arms and legs, and lastly were the frogs.  Next was the hard part…..


We glued all of the lily pads together to create the 3-D effect.  We had to glue around the edges of each of the pads and stick them together and make it  even with the table so they would stand up.  They turned out really cute!!!  I hope that the kids are able to use them to discuss what they learned today!


~ Miss Jenny


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