Learning about the Life Cycle of Butterflies



The perfect lesson after last week’s on the life cycle of the frog (found here) was to learn about the life cycle of the butterfly.  I first have to apologize for the quality of the pictures.  I left my camera on vacation and was forced to use my flip phone-YES they are still around.  I started by letting the children leaf through about ten different books on caterpillars, butterflies, and their life cycle.  This has become such an important part of our class.  The kids are exposed to informational text, new vocabulary, and photographs of the subject that we are discussing.  I held up a picture of the life cycle and went through the different stages.  We talked about the word metamorphosis, as we had, when discussing the frog life cycle.  As we went through the cycle, the kids quickly went through their books and looked for pictures of what we were discussing.

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