Pinkalicious inspired treat

Since we have been reading “Pinkalicious and the Pink Drink” lately (see my review here), we decided to make our own “pink drink.”  First, my daughter dressed like Pinkalicious from the book.  She happen to have the exact outfit!

First we made "pretend" lemonade from powder.  Of course there was a lot of stirring and tasting!

First we made “pretend” lemonade from powder. Of course there was a lot of stirring and tasting!

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10 Foods That Looks Like Other Things

Next week, I am doing a food theme for my class. I love having fun with food!  On my Pinterest board, I have a “Food That Looks Like Other Things” board.  This board inspired me to have a fun snack for the party.  It also inspired me to provide my parents with a resource with other ideas that they can recreate at home.  Here is the list that I have complied…


food theme breakfast

An Ice Cream Cone, By Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons HERE

A Hello Kitty Bagel, By Creative Kid Snacks HERE

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Literacy Fun with an UNHAPPY ending!

We decided that it was time to help our feathered friends make it through the cold winter.  So we bought some birdseed and got to work making bird feeders!  I jumped on the chance to incorporate some literacy into our fun and here is what we did….

I found several recipes for bird feeders on Pinterest, here is the one that we used.  The blog is called Saltwater-Kids and her bird feeders came out perfect and beautiful.  Our feeders were a bit crumbly probably because I am not meticulous with anything so I probably miss-measured or some over-stirring could have occurred.

First we gathered our ingredients, including our molds.  This is where the literacy came into play.  For our first time doing this project we took out our letter cookie cutters and spelled out my daughters name.  However, next time, we may do some sight words or things that she is interested in such as dolls or bananas.  We could do anything as long as we are talking about the different sounds of the letters and we are exposing her to what different words look like.


“Rachel,” Cookie Monster, Dog Bone, and a Moose-Perfect!


Next we had to mix our ingredients.  This was my daughter’s favorite part.  She loves cooking and this was a chance for her to go nuts stirring in a giant bowl.


Once we had our ingredients mixed, we started filling the molds.  I didn’t have straws, so we used paintbrushes because we were going to just use string to hang the feeders in our backyard.


See that dog to the left, we will be getting to him. He may look sweet and innocent..

We finished filling our molds and set them out to dry.  Aren’t they pretty!?!?  We were so excited to hang them the next morning.  We were looking around our yard trying to pick out which tree was going to be the “Rachel” tree.  Oh the anticipation!


Unfortunately, while we were resting our heads after a long day of learning, our precious dog was up to NO GOOD!  When we came downstairs in the morning, we were greeted with a huge birdseed mess!!! During the night, he got on the counter and ATE our beautiful birdfeeders! Ugh!  I wish I had a picture of the devastation, but I think that I was too heart-broken to take one.

I’m sure that we will try this project again soon(I will keep you updated).  Maybe next time we will do all words that start with the same letter or rhyming words.  One thing is for sure, next time we will store them WAY too high for our four-legged friend to find them!