Llama Llama Color Pajama Bingo! Printable


Today we focused on the “Llama Llama” series by Anna Dewdney.  I will post my lessons and pictures in a bit, but I wanted to give you a game that we played first.  I found llama clip art, created a table in word, and placed the llamas in the rectangles.  Then, I printed eleven copies (one per child in my largest class and one extra for me to keep track of what I have called out).  I colored each llama on each board a different color.  Ninety-nine llamas later, I had a fun bingo game!  The coloring took a bit, but I am planning on using this game with my Awesome Authors class and my Preschool Prep class as well.  I also laminated it so I could use it year to year.  You could cut off the title and fit different sight words, opposite words, or letters on the llamas, if that fits what you are learning.  I bought a bunch of pencils and erasers from the dollar store for prizes.  I’m glad that I had a lot of prizes, because we had a lot of winners!  After they got the hang of the game, they loved shouting BINGO!

Llama Llama Bingo!


~Miss Jenny

Family Members in Spanish Printable for Preschoolers

Today we are going to talk about amazing mothers!  I can’t wait!  We are going to create fun crafts, books, and sing songs.  I wanted to include some Spanish in the mix, so I created this very easy activity for the kids to do.  On one side are the family members, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother, and grandfather, in English.  After cutting out the Spanish words for each family member, the kids are going to match the words up and glue them on the table.

Family Members in English and Spanish

Enjoy, and Happy Mother’s Day!! Miss Jenny

“My Book About Feelings” -Free Printable Preschool Book

Tomorrow we are learning all about feelings.  I have created a simple preschool book for the kids to complete on Powerpoint.  The first page after the cover  reads “I feel happy when I ____.”  The word “happy” is in yellow and there is plenty of space for kids to complete the sentence and create a picture.  Each page has a different feeling.  With the kids completing the sentence, they will know in their heads what the words are and will be able to “read” the words on their own.  I also hope that this book introduces some more sight words to the kids.  If you print the book as is, you will get two copies of the book.

Click here to print out your feelings book!


~Miss Jenny

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