From time to time, I create different activities that can be printed to use at home or in my classes.  All of the following printables are in PDF form and created using a tool from Microsoft Office.  I hope you are able to use any or all of them! Enjoy ~Miss Jenny

Working on their food books...

Working on their food books…

Preschool Books:

I love to create books that give children the ability to create their own book!  I find that when kids take an active role in creating the book, either with words or pictures, they are able to “read” the book on their own.  Kids are learning to read from page to page, left to right, and top to bottom.  Also, while “reading” the book, kids are familiarizing themselves with different words and sounds.  Here are a few books that I have created….

“My Feelings Book”~ A book where kids write about what makes them feel happy, sad, scared, and mad.

“My Book About Food” ~ A book where kids write about healthy food options in the different food groups.

Other Activities:

I am by far no whiz at clip art, but I love creating activities that are educational and easy for preschoolers to understand.

Number Words 1-10 in English-Spanish ~ This table has the numbers one through ten in the middle with two empty columns on each side.  The last two pages have the numbers one through ten in both English and Spanish.  After cutting out the squares on the last two pages (and laminating all pages if you want it to last longer), your child can match up the numbers in both English and Spanish.

Family Members in English and Spanish ~ Today we are going to talk about amazing mothers!  I can’t wait!  We are going to create fun crafts, books, and sing songs.  I wanted to include some Spanish in the mix, so I created this very easy activity for the kids to do.  On one side are the family members, mom, dad, sister, brother, grandmother, and grandfather, in English.  After cutting out the Spanish words for each family member, the kids are going to match the words up and glue them on the table.

Airport Scavenger Hunt ~ Flying with little ones can be very difficult!  I created this scavenger hunt to help keep your child occupied and to teach them some new airport/airplane terms and vocabulary.

Llama Llama Color Pajama Bingo! ~ This was a game that I used to tie into our class on the Llama Llama book series.  I also used it to teach colors with my mom and tot class.  It was a ton of fun!


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