Preschool Theme: Winter Clothing

My class this week focused  on the clothing that we need to wear in the winter in order to stay warm in cold temperatures.  If you would like to see my guidelines for planning my class check out my link here.  Enjoy!

Greeting/Beginning Carpet Time:

one mitten

  • Book: One Mitten By Kristine O’ Connell George
    • The book is a simple tale of a little girl who has one of her mittens and needs to find the other one.
    • She shows the readers different activities that you can do with one mitten and then what you can do with two.
    • “One mitten can wave a mitten hello.”
    • The book was very cute and the kids could make little mittens out of their hands and act it out.
  • Poem: 5 Little Snowman
    • I have five snowmen that I cut out and laminated.  I am going to have five students stand up and be the snowmen in the poem.  We start the poem with five snowmen, then four, then three, etc.  Here is the poem…

Five Little Snowmen

standing in a row.

Each had a hat

and a big red bow.

Out came the sun

and it shone all day.

One little snowman melted away.


  • Listening Center
    • I have Animals Should Definitely Not Wear Clothing By Judi Barrett available for the kids to listen to.


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