Homemade Bookends

In one of my grad classes, my professor told us about how she feels it is important to have a set of hardcover books or special books that are kept in a special place that kids are not able to reach.  I thought that it was a bit weird at the time, because I thought that it was important to have all books where kids can grab and explore them at any time.  However, after having kids, I agree with my professor.

Here are my reasons for wanting to keep a set of books away from the reach of my kids:

  • I am devastated every time I find a ripped or misplaced book cover.  Kids at my kids age, two and three, have a hard time truly treating hard cover books the way that they deserve to be treated
  • It adds a sense of mystery to the books.  It makes them more special and adds a sense of respect to them.
  • It helps kids to judge books.  It helps them to know some are worth more than others

With all this being said, I decided on a spot in my daughter room where the “special books can be stored where she won’t be able to reach them, but she will be able to see them.  I was going to put them on the top of her dresser.  The only thing that I needed was book-ends to help them stand up.  We got right to work….

I found several different book-ends that were more expensive than what I wanted to pay.  I also want my daughter to have a sense of ownership in what she has in her room.  So we headed over to Jo-Ann Fabrics.  I found these little wooden birdhouses that were one buck each!!

I bought two of them.  I knew that the birdhouses were not going to be heavy enough, so I found some small rocks that would fit in the hole of the birdhouse at the dollar store. Here is what we did…

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Pretend Play: Creating a Post Office

I love the idea of creating a life-like mailroom for my kids.  A Mailroom or Post Office is unique in that it combines pretend play with learning to read and write.  I haven’t made a mail room in our house yet, so I thought that I would create a wish list of what I would like to use in the future in our house and/or classroom.

First, I thought that I would share some of what I look for in setting up a make-believe environment:

  • I have to be cheap.  I, personally, need to be able to cheaply purchase or create the environment.  That being said, this is a wish list so I may feature items out of my price range to ask for Christmas or to replicate in my own way.
  • My space is a bit limited.  Therefore, I would like the environment to be somewhat portable.  I would like the option of packing it up and storing it away or taking it to the classroom.
  • Also, I have a very high tolerance for messes, however, I would like the environment to be easy to tidy up, if needed.
  • I have included some more of my ideas and a bit of research on an earlier post here

postal uniform2

Here we go….I would love for my children to look the part.  I found two uniforms here and here that, at the time of posting, were about $25.

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