IPad Application Recommendation: Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed

5 monkeys

One of my favorite songs to sing growing up was “Five Little Monkeys.”  My mom told me that I used to sing that the “monkey fell and broke hims head.”  How cute?!?! Now that I have kids of my own, of course I am going to introduce them to the song and show them the book of the song that has been retold and illustrated by Eileen Christelow.  Many of you may be familiar with the book, however, did you know that they have a really cool iPad app to go along with it?  I just blew your mind didn’t I!

When you first open the app, the five monkeys appear just as they are in the book.  You are given three different options, read to me, read it myself, and auto-play.  The read to me option has a narrator and you, or really your child, will swipe the page when it is time to turn it.  While the narrator is reading, the word that they are on changes to a different color.  This is a very helpful tool for pre-readers.  Throughout the book, your child has the ability to click on the different pictures and words will appear.  For example, when you click on the water, the word “water” pops up and the narrator says water.  The narrator part of this tool is fun and often helpful but it can be a bit confusing at times.  Let me explain, when you click on one of the monkey’s, the narrator may say two, because it is the second monkey, but it depends where you are counting from.  It is helpful to have the narrator read the word, so your child can hear and see the word.  During the read it myself option, your child can click on any of the words and the narrator will read it.

5 monkeys2

My daughter loves this app.  She asks to “play” it all of the time.  She has fun using the auto-play and just sitting back and listening to the story.  She also likes making the narrator read all of the words.

I recommend this fun and educational app especially since it connects to a well-known song and book that your child may already be familiar with. Enjoy!


  • The app costs $2.99.  Here is a link to the itunes page.
  • Here is a link to the Oceanhouse Media Website who produces this app and others like it.
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