Mom and Tot/Preschool Theme: Food

Ok, so I am soo behind with my blogging!  I am just getting to posting from our class last week!  Well, we learned all about foods! We focused on healthy versus unhealthy and all different varieties of food.

For me, it had been quite a Monday morning.  My daughter was up extra early-somewhere in the 5 o’clock hour- and that totally through me off.  Therefore, sorry, but I didn’t do the greatest job of taking pictures of all of our activities and set-up.  I had my passport as usual, but this time, I included ten websites that have different pictures of ways to have fun with food.  See my link here.

I created a PDF file of our passport this week.  Click here for my Food Passport!

After singing some songs and playing a gross-motor game, I introduced the group to some Saxton Freymann books.  In case you are not familiar with these books, they are really fun!  Freymann creates different objects and phrases with different foods, mostly fruits.  I had a bunch of the books available to read, but we read “Dog Food” together.  The kids really enjoyed looking at all of the pictures.

food book

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10 Foods That Looks Like Other Things

Next week, I am doing a food theme for my class. I love having fun with food!  On my Pinterest board, I have a “Food That Looks Like Other Things” board.  This board inspired me to have a fun snack for the party.  It also inspired me to provide my parents with a resource with other ideas that they can recreate at home.  Here is the list that I have complied…


food theme breakfast

An Ice Cream Cone, By Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons HERE

A Hello Kitty Bagel, By Creative Kid Snacks HERE

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