Finding Fun Ways to include Literacy: During the Holiday Season

In our house we don’t do the Elf on the Shelf, our elves send activities and trinkets to our doorstep almost every day.  Yesterday, the elves left two blank cards with envelopes, stickers, and pens.  There were also instructions for our kids to write their own letters to Santa.  The kids were really excited!


It looks like he is really writing

At this age, it is both important and fun for kids to “act out” the different components of literacy.  Here they are able to “write” a letter about something that they are interested in-getting presents!!  My daughter quickly and excitedly took to the task.  She read us her letter as she wrote out the words.  Then, we transcribed what she wrote so she could see what the correct words look like.   We explained how we use certain letters to make words, so Santa can understand what it is that she wants for Christmas.  My son, being only one and a half, only used the stickers.  My daughter and husband helped him write what he wants, or at least what we think that he wants 🙂

My daughter was really concentrating...

My daughter was really concentrating…

We write to communicate and what better way to communicate with someone, than write a letter to someone!  We write a lot of letters in our house.  It is so much fun for my daughter to see that she can tell someone something by changing her spoken words into written words and than they can write her back-how exciting!?!?

Ta-Da!  Her finished product!

Ta-Da! Her finished product (can you tell which side she wrote?)!

We took the letters to Santa’s mailbox, so he could get them just in time for Christmas!  This was a REALLY fun family project!

Mailing Their Letters!

Mailing Their Letters!