Building Self-Esteem Videos Via Sesame Street

I have been on kind of a self-esteem and confidence boosting kick lately! And it continues…I was watching Sesame Street today, well I guess I should say that my kids were watching Sesame Street and they played a video that I thought was so inspiring!  It is called “Count Me In” and it is on the subject of believing in yourself.  Not only is it a catchy song, but it shows a very diverse group of people with diverse interests and has a great message to boot.

I added a couple more videos on this theme from Sesame Street and some of their lyrics.  My daughter and I watch the videos from Sesame Street all of the time!  That show constantly impresses me and here are a few examples of why….Enjoy!

“Count Me In”

“I am special

I’m outstanding

I can win

so count me in”

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